Liverpool Ghost stories and tales of the unexpected are always entertaining, if not a bit worrying. Even more so when they are so close to home.

We’ve all been there – sat around a table with a few drinks, recounting tales that may or may not have actually happened.

Last week we were alerted to a spooky story involving The Swan itself on our Facebook page. Intrigued, we had a read of ‘Summon The Berserker’ by Tom Slemen. It recounts a tale of Swan regular known simply as ‘O’Neil’ who dabbles in dark arts and decides one night to use his other-wordly powers to take revenge on a couple of bikers.

Now we love bikers at The Swan, and in the tale itself they don’t do an awful lot to deserve their bloody demise…

Take a look at:  and decide for yourself.

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And that is not the only tale of ghostly happenings in Liverpool, or even in our pub! All we’re saying is keep away from the cellar, and perhaps the upstairs mezzanine bar area if you’re easily spooked!

Have a Liverpool ghost story of your own?

Let us know on our social media and we might include it on our website!


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